Axe whetters and chafed stone on Axe Whetter’s Bridge, Melsungen, Schwalm-Eder district, Hesse

In the medieval ages, many citizens of Melsungen lived by cutting down wood in the forests surrounding the town. Every morning, when the woodchoppers made their way to the nearby forest, they stopped on the bridge, which is made from fine sand stone, to whet their axes. The traces of this habit are easily visible. The citizens of Melsungen are still nicknamed the axe whetters. The two full-sized figures of woodchoppers with their axes were installed in the 1990s as a donation by B.Braun, a Melsungen-based company worldwide known for making medical devices and supplies. They were pioneers in the use of plastics in the medical field.


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Tiny Fluctuations, 2013 
by Orhan Kolukisa

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We were slaves once. The daylight guardians of the vampires. I was born into servitude. Yet I harbored them no ill will. Even took a vampire for my bride. It was forbidden, our union. Viktor feared a blending of the species. Feared it so much he killed her. His own daughter. Burnt alive for loving me. This is his war. Viktor’s. And he spent the last 600 years exterminating my species.

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Game of Thrones  +  Necklaces

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I read the tweet, and then I read the username.

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Well, fair’s fair. Take off yours as well.

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